SYN City
Tower Taxonomy

SYN City is one of three design & research studios on the Master of Architecture (ARB/RIBA Part 2) at CSA. Each academic year, the studio dedicates itself to a shared territory of investigation in order to explore the dialectical and contested nature of the contemporary city. The studio critically engages with the complex, often antithetical forces within the expanded field of urban transformation processes and synthesises them into programmatic and spatial, urban and architectural design proposals.

This year’s research and design agenda focuses on the tower typology - the skyscraper, the high-rise, or otherwise tall urban building - as a contested territory of urban and architectural production. The studio explores vertical buildings in terms of their symbolic, political, programmatic, structural and environmental attributes and opportunities.

SYN City embarked on its critical investigation of the tower typology with a double taxonomy. Complementing the analysis of existing - built and unbuilt - skyscraper projects, the studio started its design speculation about possible/ future towers through physical model making. Please scroll down to see selected images of the 36 models students presented last week.

SYN City
Studio 2019/20

Theodora Aristeidou
Bilal Hasan
Anastasia Lavrova
Grace Lung
Vivina Joseph Selphy
Bianca Marginean
Marizu Onwu
Zigiant El Sarkaoui
Cengizhan Sasmaz
Thomas White
Denis Lung Yau
Nathan Youngs

Gabor Stark