SYN City - Greetings from North Korea

SYN City is a postgraduate design and research studio at UCA Canterbury School of Architecture. Each academic year, students on the Master of Architecture and MA Urban Design programmes commit to a shared territory of investigation in order to explore the dialectical and contested nature of the contemporary city. This year, the studio investigated geopolitically and ideologically contested territories in North Korea and along its shared borders with South Korea and China.

Based on a critical analysis of the status quo, students developed speculative scenarios, explored programmatic strategies and tactics, and synthesised them into urban, landscape and architectural design proposals. To the right, a few glimpses from last week’s final reviews. More at this year's Graduation Show, which opens on Friday 7 June.

SYN City 2018/19 // DPRK-PY/DMZ/+

Sam Amer // Culture Cloud - South Korean Cultural Embassy, Kaesong
Theodora Aristeidou // Agro Rayon - Urban Food Production in Pyongyang
Jason Chow // Tongil Street - Productive Urban Landscapes
Richard Ford // One Flower - One Culture
Christopher Jumbo // Sino-Korean Land Swap
Anastasia Lavrova // BeNeLux Shared Embassy - Inter-territoriality in Pyongyang
Fernanda Nascimento // The Papal Stage - Pope Francis goes Kim Il-Sung Square
Bilal Hasan // Tracing the 38th Parallel
Andrew Lee // KCC International Technology Campus, Onchun
Micaiah Newell-Grant // The Korean War Memorial Walk
Ozan Topsogut // Jangmadang Bridge, Sinuiju, DPRK / Dandong, China
Fatmanur Toy // Kim’s Graveyard
Andreas Spanos // Korean Family Reunion Hotel
Yeni Torres Vergara // Diamond Mountains Museum and Retreat, Mount Kumgang
Ming-Han Yeh // Microrayon 2.0 - Diversifying Pyongyang
Edmund Yu // Integrated Resettlement Center, Seoul

Design Tutor
Gabor Stark

Guest Critics
John Bell & Kristina Kotov (UCA), Emma Flanagan, Gavin Henneberry & Andy Puncher (pH+ Architects), Simon Miller (The Mill), Panos Theodorou (TriPod), Martin Bates (Broadway Malyan Architects), Mike Pearson & Danka Stefan (Guy Hollaway Architecs), Anastasiya Neumiarzhytskaya (Grimshaw Architects), Duarte Lobo Antunes & Alanoud Al-Radaideh (acme Architecs)