CSA lecturer and alumnus
exhibit at Larnaca Biennale

M.ARCH convener Gabor Stark and CSA alumnus Emilio Koutsoftides exhibit their installation ΟΙΚΟΠΕΔΟΠΟΊΗΣΗ at this year’s Larnaca Biennale from 13 October to 26 November 2021.

ΟΙΚΟΠΕΔΟΠΟΊΗΣΗ | oikopedopoíisi
Greek | noun: the conversion of areas of land into plots for sale
From οικόπεδ(ο) (plot) + -ο- + -ποίηση (poetry)

The installation addresses the themes of land parcellation, commodification and consumption – the irreversible conversion of land with healthy soil and rich biodiversity into areas of urban human settlements. It combines the cast of an exemplary Cypriot landscape with the transmission of field recordings of the same location. The samples were taken at the village of Lemba in the Pafos District. Known for its rare biodiversity, the 40-hectare Lemba Valley is a natural enclave and recreational retreat that competes to exist with the ever-growing sprawl of Pafos’ metropolitan area. Held in position by a wall-mounted steel rack, the grid of 32 casts presents an inverted 1:1 replica of the site’s micro-geology. The pristine surface of the plaster is contrasted by mineral and organic residues captured during the casting process. The accompanying audio track juxtaposes the cultural noises of construction sites with recordings of Lemba’s natural soundscape.

Land Consumption – Every Day!
By Emilio Koutsoftides & Gabor Stark, 2021

Steel and plaster, 200 cm x 175 cm x 18 cm
Audio track, 10:49 min


13 October – 26 November 2021


Master of Architecture (ARB/RIBA Part 2)