Rob Nice

Course Leader Interior Architecture & Design, Canterbury

I have been active within design education and the associated disciplines since 1995, working in a variety of positions across many different sectors. For the past nine years I have contributed to and now lead the the combined Stage One BA(Hons) Architecture and Interior Architecture and Design course based at the Canterbury Campus. My pedagogic research interests include the role of the interdependent learner and exploring how peer learning can encourage cooperation and collaboration across design studios. In 2013 I gained professional recognition; becoming a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Alongside my teaching, I have worked on Arts Council funded research projects through Urban-lab, which I cofounded in Brighton in 1999, bringing together a loose collective of artists, designers, architects and educators, who’s endeavour was to explore the social, cultural and political milieu of our regions towns and cities. My own practice stems from a desire to explore the mundane, the banal, the habitual, the quotidian, the parts of every day life that go unnoticed, what could be defined as the consequence(s) of architecture.