Kristina Kotov

Senior Lecturer in Architecture. Stage 2 Convener

Kristina studied at University of Illinois-Chicago, and the Architectural Association, working with Raoul Bunschoten (CHORA) on the project ‘the skin of the earth’ for Moscow during the early stages of dissolution of the USSR. Since 2005 she has been running the LT Ranch Project Space in rural Lithuania, a space for student led summer schools and spontaneous making and un-making via social ecologies and other curatorial curiosities, most recently collaborating on the ‘scanning of the ghost of barn 2B’ with ScanLAB Projects funded by the UCA Research Fund. Her research monitors or actively partakes in the meanwhile of settlements (demolitions, dis-mantling, unpredictable everyday), migratory spatial and textual languages, duration and temporary place-making. ’12 sept 01′, ‘Hackney blowdown’, ‘venice’ films have been screened at various festivals and events in the US and EU. She also teaches MA Interior & Spatial Design at UAL-Chelsea as well as working collectively on small architectures & art projects.