Ava Aghakouchk

Sessional Lecturer Design

Ava Aghakouchak is an architectural designer/interaction designer. She is currently a PhD candidate at Bartlett School of Architecture where she is carrying out her research on the effects of active wearables on the loop between body-mind, machine and built environment. Ava’s interest in designing human-machine interfaces resulted in her MArch graduate design project which has been chosen by Domus as one of the top ten design projects of 2016. Since she has shared the progress of her research at venues such as Resonate Media Arts Festival (2017), Bartlett School of Architecture (2017), King’s College London (2017) and Royal College of Art (2016).
She is also a member of the Interactive Architecture Lab and also a thesis supervisor for the MArch Design for Performance and Interaction course at the Bartlett, University College London.
Ava is interested in using performative arts such as dance, choreography and performance, as well as, film and fashion in order to better express her vision of the future. Some of her recent exhibitions include: Harper’s Bazaar 150th Anniversary Exhibition (Shanghai, 2017), Innovation in Haptics (London, 2017), Tomorrows (Athens, 2017) and Memememe at the Crypt (London,2017).”