The Tomorrow People: Speculations on the future of Folkestone (possibly)...

The BA (Hons) Stage One Architecture and Interior Architecture and Design students, from The Canterbury School of Architecture, based at the University for the Creative Arts, will present aspects of their work in an upcoming exhibition titled, The Tomorrow People. This work has been developed in response to the complex social and economic challenges associated with cultural-led regeneration in and around the Kent coast.

The analysis and proposals being exhibited, are a combination of two years’ worth of work. In 2016-17 students were given the remaining portion of the Customs House (now the Urban Room) situated on the Harbour Arm. In the spirit of Cedric Price (Architect) and Joan Littlewood (Theatre Director), students were asked to provide a ‘Fun Palace’. A people powered, decentralised and unregulated space, for those who operate outside of the cultural community, providing a social exchange that can accommodate people from different walks of life; truck drivers, people accessing youth services, local residents and beyond. The aim was to encourage the development of social and cultural bonds between these various communities.

Our site, for this academic year 2017-18, is the Ovenden Engineers building, situated between The Stade, Tram Road and Radnor Street. Taking their lead form the coffee houses that transformed themselves into the London Clubs and societies of the 1800's, students are developing a building that will provide a group of local activists and 'hacktivists' with a space where political ideologies can be debated, discussed and formed, that will enable the 'members' to go about transforming the economic landscape of Folkestone, in an attempt to benefit the long-established communities.