the LT Ranch residencies 2012

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These summer sessions at the Ranch attempt to enable a spontaneous environment of making and being. They are run as a collaborative event with Canterbury School of Architecture and Chelsea College of Art&Design MA Interior & Spatial Design. There is little expectation except to respond to a place and in so doing adding to its story:

it is rural
not easy to live in
the well may run dry
the loo has no flush handle
there is no internet connection
it is an unpredictable place

it is a private space for 50 weeks

though during these summer sessions
it is public: wake-ful

this year the public week
was wide awake with near insomnia of anticipation

6 CSA BA students
Chris Humphrey, Enzo Guida, John Min Kang, Marcus Boyle, Paresh Parmar, Max Thomson

7 Chelsea College of Art & Design MA students
Mamo Jeulin He, Mo Ja, Patrick Yi-Wei Chen, Neda Kahooker, Keun Hye Lee, Recy Feng Shao, Sam Lo

7 days: a type of local Olympics for endurance: the path made from walking, slow prototyping: hammocks, fire-baked pizza assembly and consumption, grafting the previously found; sink, shower, loo & apple trees, fabricating various speculative objects: sofas, buffet table, sculptural pieces, and spontaneous performance, including a daily fireworks display & a lake-side Christmas play in July.

Film of Sam LO's project 'Paths are made by walking' a collaborative project can be found here:

A small publication: 'a proof' edition will be launched at the Chelsea MA End of Year show on the 7th Sept from 6-9pm (16 John Islip Street SW1P 4JU).