SYN City goes London

You are cordially invited to our SYN City exhibition in London on

Friday 26th April 2013 at 6 pm.


At the TESTBED 1

33 Parkgate Road

London SW11 4NP


With guest speaker Karsten Huneck

KHBT & OSA - Office for Subversive Architecture

Associate Professor at ESA | École Spéciale d’Architecture Paris

We are looking forward to seeing you in London…

Your SYN Citizens


Tenesha Caton, Pierre Devlin, Sam Geoghegan, Gabriel Fayika, Luke Hayes, Aris Kontagiannis, Savina Kourtidou, Michael Krinou, Hele Ma, Simon Miller, Tereza Papadoudi, Maria Papanicolaou, Anna Solomatina, Julian Seagars, Desislava Zhekova and Gabor Stark


SYN City is a postgraduate research & design unit at UCA Canterbury School of Architecture. Each year, the studio dedicates itself to one territory of investigation. In 2012/13, Ashford in Kent has been our testbed to explore the dialectical and contested nature of the contemporary city. By focusing on one exemplary context, specific and at the same time typical and paradigmatic urban conditions are addressed. The studio critically engages with the complex and often antithetical forces within the expanded field of urban transformation processes and synthesises them into programmatic and spatial design proposals.