MULTISTORY Guest Lecture
Steve Smith
Urban Narrative
Thurs 27th Feb 6pm

We are pleased to announce a MULTISTORY guest lecture by: Steve Smith // Urban Narrative // Work & The City Thursday 27th February 2014 // Drinks 5.30pm // Lecture 6pm // Architecture Building Foyer Space // UCA Canterbury // A new type of city is emerging in response to the impacts of new information and communication technologies. Innovations allow for new types of face-to-face and remote communication, for new kinds of interaction between individuals and urban systems and for the supply of enriched data about your location and what is available to you. This rewiring of our lives is creating new sets of relationships between people and locations, leading to a completely novel ‘sense of place’. We believe that, in order make the most of this emerging world, we need new ways to describe ourselves, our communities, and how we relate to the environments we create and use. In short we need a new urban narrative. Steve Smith is director of Urban Narrative and is interested in creating languages for new urban places through research, interactive design, events and enriched conversation. // Multistory is a student and alumni led guest lecture series at Canterbury School of Architecture, University for the Creative Arts. We seek to invite architects, designers, writers, curators, photographers and artists to speak about their work.