MULTISTORY Guest Lecture
Liam Young
Nomadic Researcher
6pm 3rd March 2016

Liam Young // Nomadic Researcher

Thursday 3rd March 2016 // Drinks 5.30pm // Lecture 6pm // Architecture Foyer

Liam Young is an architect who operates in the spaces between design, fiction and futures.
He is founder of the think tank Tomorrows Thoughts Today, a group whose work explores the possibilities of fantastic, speculative and imaginary urbanisms. He tells stories about the city using fiction, film and performance as imaginative tools to explore the implications and consequences of new technologies and ecological conditions.
Building his design fictions from the realities of present Young also co runs the Unknown Fields Division, a nomadic research studio that travels on location shoots and expeditions to the ends of the earth to document emerging trends and uncover the weak signals of possible futures.
He has been acclaimed in both mainstream and architectural media, including the BBC, NBC, Wired, Guardian, Time Magazine, and Dazed and Confused. He also directs the Masters of Art in Entertainment and Fiction program at SCI Arc in LA and manages his time between exploring distant landscapes and visualising the fictional worlds he extrapolates from them.
For more information about Liam's work, see the links below;


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