MULTISTORY Guest Lecture
Judith Loesing
East Architecture & Landscape
1pm Wed 19 Nov 2014

We are pleased to announce a Multistory guest lecture by:

Judith Loesing // East Architecture & Landscape

Wednesday 19th November 2014 // Lecture 1pm // Architecture Foyer


East is an award winning architecture, landscape and urban design practice established in London since 1995.

East are interested in places, uses and the way they come about. By places they mean cities, spaces within them, buildings, and landscapes. Their work has come to be internationally recognised for a patient and innovative role in adjusting and improving the urban fabric and its uses.

A careful understanding and documentation of places as they are found, their spatial relationships, colour, scent and materiality help their development and judgement of design. They are interested in responding to and influencing specific situations, not the pursuit of stylistic tradition. Beauty is always an ambition but it is never predetermined what beauty is.


Multistory is a student and alumni led guest lecture programme series at Canterbury School of Architecture, University for the Creative Arts that seeks to invite architects, designers, writers, curators, photographers and artists to speak about their work.