MULTISTORY* Guest Lecture Hikaru Nissanke & Jon Lopez Thurs 18th Jan

We are pleased to announce a MULTISTORY* Guest lecture by

Hikaru Nissanke & Jon Lopez // OMMX

Thursday 18th January 2018 // Lecture 6pm // The Architecture Foyer

OMMX build, draw and write about architecture. They believe that architecture gives form to our collective desire to understand and express who they are, with the ability to construct intimate portraits of communities from individuals and families, to companies, landscapes, cities and nations. OMMX is committed to this biographical process, to creating spaces that they can relate to and that help relate to one another.

They have served a broad mix of private, social and public sector institutions, working on housing, private residences, galleries, offices, public spaces, festivals, exhibitions and shops. Selected clients include the Royal Academy of Arts, English Heritage, the British Library, Clerkenwell Design Week, Naked House and Marian Goodman Gallery.

Both Hikaru and Jon teach at UCL, Cambridge and CSM. They use their teaching as a way to collaborate on research and it focusses on how technology is disrupting the status quo and shaping our lives. They examine the common misconceptions, aspirational hangovers, accepted norms and prevailing orthodoxies that render individuals and societies impotent to enact meaningful change. An academic setting provides a collaborative, discursive and rigorous platform to look at the different phenomena affecting the built environment with urgency and without bias.

For more information:

MULTISTORY* is a student and alumni led guest lecture programme series at Canterbury School of Architecture, University for the Creative Arts, seeking to invite architects, designers, writers, curators, photographers and artists to speak about their work.