MULTISTORY Guest Lecture
Carl Trenfield
Carl Trenfield Architects
6pm Thurs 3rd Dec 2015

We are pleased to announce a Multistory guest lecture by:

Carl Trenfield \ Carl Trenfield Architects

Thursday 3rd December 2015 6pm

Carl Trenfield is an Architect working in between the locations of Canterbury and London. Carl Trenfield Architects is an emerging, recognised and ambitious studio that aims to deliver thoughtful, immersively detailed architecture.

His primary concern is to enrich the daily life of those that use and experience his work, by creating space and built volume that possess tangible presence.  Each project seeks to understand and interpret the embodied language found in both the immediate and wider physical and social context it occupies.

Historical, regional and cultural context will often be acknowledged in his response through both abstraction and redefinition for our time.  This can result in a response that is both knowingly, yet often unknowingly, citing architectural language or tradition; perhaps through practised intuition and the visceral connection we all have with architecture.

Whilst Carl Trenfield Architects is a young practice, they are very much at the beginning of a body of work, each project undertaken seeks to represent a wider meaning or define an architectural standpoint so as to relevantly engage with architectural debate and its progression.

A core parallel and characteristic of our work is the conscious exploration of the notion of craft; be it direct as a result of the hand, or abstracted through his increasing willingness to draw for fabrication – allowing the potential for greater expression at varying scales.

Carl Trenfield Architects believe their work has become richer through cherished and ongoing working relationships with master craftspeople, allowing for work to absorb and reframe traditions, often allowing the hand present to self elevate the piece in question.


For more information on Adam and his work, see the links below:\

Multistory is a student and alumni led guest lecture programme series at Canterbury School of Architecture, University for the Creative Arts that seeks to invite architects, designers, writers, curators, photographers, and artists to speak about their work.