Multistory Guest Lecture by Jonathan Hill
Thursday 10th Jan

  You are warmly invited to a Multistory guest lecture by: Jonathan Hill // Architect, Architectural Historian & Author // Professor of Architecture and Visual Theory at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL Thursday 10th January 2013 // Drinks 5.30pm // Lecture 6pm // Cragg Lecture Theatre // As well as an acclaimed architect and architectural historian, Jonathan Hill has been the author of many notable architectural books and publications. His most recent, 'Weather Architecture', considers the history of architecture as a history of weather. It offers an alternative model of architectural authorship that acknowledges the creative influences of the weather as well as the architect and user. Recognising the emergence of a hybridised weather that has become industrial, electromagnetic and radioactive as well as natural, Weather Architecture provides a critical re-evaluation of contemporary architectural responses to climate change. // Multistory is a student and alumni led guest lecture programme series at Canterbury School of Architecture, University for the Creative Arts that seeks to invite architects, designers, writers, curators, photographers and artists to speak about their work.