Multistory 2013-14

The 2013-14 Multistory Guest Lecture series has seen a tremendous variety of esteemed speakers from a multitude of backgrounds, disciplines and modes of practice.

We have had the pleasure of hosting not just a wonderful array of architects and interior designers but also hugely talented and stimulating artists, writers, urban explorers, theorists, teachers, illustrators, photographers, political narrators, makers and philosophers. We thank them all for their contribution to the cultural diversity of the school.

The lectures are held regularly, normally on a Thursday evening, in the school's foyer. Speakers are invited from all over and dropped almost literally into the beating heart of the architecture building. The series is intended to supplement the exciting work happening in the studios with an insight into professional practice as well as offering an opportunity to learn from creative minds in other fields.

In addition to the regular lectures held at the UCA Canterbury School of Architecture, this year has also seen the introduction of additional Multistory guest lectures at The Doodlebar in Battersea, London thanks to UCA Professor of Architecture Will Alsop and his colleagues. This exciting hybrid venue is situated amongst a multitude of design based practices and art spaces and has already provided several very enjoyable presentations by highly respected speakers.

We would like to extend our warm thanks to all those who have supported the series throughout the year. Thanks must also go to the team of dedicated and hard working students who put in a lot of time preparing for the lectures and ensuring that they run smoothly on the night.

Finally and perhaps most of all, thanks to our line up of fantastic speakers.

The next academic year promises another ambitious and exciting series of Multistory lectures from a plethora of speakers set to thrill, inspire and entertain. Watch this space for further information in the coming weeks.


Multistory Guest Lecture Series

Curated by Cantarch alumni Carla Novak and Adam Hiles

2013-14 Multistory Student Team:

Ryan Shedden, Daniel Stilwell, Chloe Chandler, Allison Franks, Oliver Hawkes, Ben Ravensdale

2013-14 Guest Speakers:

Anna Best Artist & Explorer; James Binning Assemble Studio; David Chambers Aberrant Architecture; Prof Nat Chard, University of Brighton; Dr Jonathan Charley, Writer ‘Memories of Cities’; Nigel Coates NIgel Coates Studio; Prof Marcos Cruz, The Bartlett UCL; Bradley Garrett, Place Hackers; Tom Jarman, Director Fielden Clegg Bradley Studio; Jay Gort & Fiona Scott, Gort Scott; Sean Griffiths, FAT; Luke Hayes, Architectural Photographer; David Kohn, David Kohn Architects; Tarek Merlin, Felix + Merlin; Marianne Mueller, Mueller Kneer Architects; Mariana Pestana The Decorators; Colin Priest, Studio Columba Architects; Dr Tatjana Schneider, University of Sheffield; Paul Shepherd, Writer: ‘How to Like Everything’; Steve Smith, Urban Narrative; James Soane Project Orange; Piers Taylor,The Invisible Studio; Cantarch Alumni (Beth Lambert, Chris Simmons, Adam Hiles, Carla Novak, Carl Trenfield)

Will Alsop  // UCA Professor of Architecture

Bradley Garrett // Place-hacking the city

Anna Best // Artist & Explorer

Paul Shepherd // Architect & Writer

Cantarch Alumni // What We Did Next