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Walking ‘Lost’ Paths

Walking ‘Lost’ Paths is an investigation and exploration of paths, focused on the Canterbury locale, that have fallen through the gaps in the map. These paths are traversed everyday by local people taking their dogs for a walk; those out for a morning jog; and many on a relaxing stroll through the oaks and bluebells. They are moments away from busy lives that allow for a breath of fresh air and space to think. However, with no formal recording of their existence they are vulnerable to being blocked by landowners and destroyed by forestry industry, with no requirement for them to be reinstated when any works are complete.

Join us for a walk along some of these 'lost' paths through Blean Woods, Canterbury on the 30/04/2022 before they are gone forever!

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Walking ‘Lost’ Paths
A project by Jack Harding, Katarina Kalogridi, Alex Marno and Gabriel Peck

Master of Architecture (ARB/RIBA Part 2)