Interior Arch & Design part of 3 year EU Funded Program

In search for workable strategies to describe 'the interior' as zones of social demarcation, thus correlating spatial narratives between different social communities, CSA Interior Architecture & Design has been working as a collaborator on a research project titled “The Reorientation of Sacred Places”. This 3 year EU funded Program (2009-2011) is organized by the Hogeschool voor Wetenschap & Kunst - Sint-Lucas Brussels in collaboration with Canterbury School of Architecture and a number of other universities. Each year Interior students have the opportunity to join a 12-day intensive workshop in Brussels.

Brussels was chosen as a site for investigation because like many other European cities, Brussels is going through a complex socio-political transitional process, with half of the current population from non-Belgian origin. As part of this internationalization of Brussels, ideas on traditional religious beliefs and rituals, once key elements in spatial practice, are gradually being marginalized into the periphery of our post/super/alter modern society. As a result of this, old places of worship, or what we define as Sacred Places, are undergoing a gradual decrease in applicable purpose, becoming increasingly more detached from a socio-cultural fabric. We identify these places as potential sites for the support of new cultural phenomena with the important outcome of re-establishing these sites as relational to their surrounding context.