Pavel Büchler
4pm Thursday 21 November

  An invitation to: MISREADING - a lecture by: Pavel Büchler Thursday 21st November / Canterbury UCA / CRAGG Lecture Theatre / 4 PM Pavel Büchler, artist, teacher and occasional writer, describes what he does as 'making nothing happen'. His job as an artist, he says, is to incite curiosity and draw attention to the obvious but unnoticed connections in the viewer’s experience, perceptions and cultural knowledge, to things and circumstances in the world which ought not to be confined to the identities they have in our daily lives. His practice reflects a long-standing interest in the discoveries and legacy of conceptual art and the avant-garde canon of modern European culture and critical thought. Formally presented in a variety of media with a preference for an economy of means and a bias towards the use of obsolete technology, his works offer new ways of perceiving the conditions of contemporary culture and its dependence on the possibilities opened up by history. Büchler has recently exhibited at Power Plant, Toronto; Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester; Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver; Wilhelm Hack Museum, Ludwigshafen; Museion Bolzano; Centre d' Art Contemporain, Geneve; and Contemporary Art Museum, St Louis. An collection of his critical writing will be published by Riding House next year. CANTERBURY OPEN LECTURES are free and open to the public as well as to staff and students from across the University for the Creative Arts.