Bodyscape 03: The Performative Device

Tuesday 17th January.

Pre-Performance Exhibition: 5PM.
Performance: 6PM.
Post-Performance Q&A: 6:30PM.

Location: Jarman Building at The University of Kent, Canterbury.


As part of their current design unit, first year students of Interior Architecture and Design are holding a performance of their work in the Jarman Building at the University of Kent in Canterbury.

BodyScape 03: The Performative Device is an exploration into the body as an extension of space, working with it as a spatial element and creating architectural devices to work with or against it.

The project itself instills alternative methods of spatial thinking, and forms an unprecedented collaboration between students of UCA, UKC and CCCU - the three core university campuses of Canterbury.

The performance is free to attend, but there are a limited number of seats available so please email Faith Austin at to book your seat!

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