"all you can eat" a lecture by Charles Holland of FAT

6pm Thursday 11th November

Cragg Lecture Theatre

all you can eat - a lecture by Charles Holland, Director of FAT and author of fantastic journal.

Fat is a London based architecture and design practice run by Sean Griffiths, Charles Holland and Sam Jacob. Established in 1995, the firm has developed a unique and distinctive body of work that includes fine art, furniture design, urban masterplanning and interiors as well as architecture.
Fat have completed a number of critically praised and award winning buildings. Recent projects include the 'Villa' a cultural centre in the Dutch suburb of Hoogvliet which received an RIBA European Award, the Sint Lucas Art Academy, also in Holland, and Islington Square, a development of 23 new houses for social rent in Manchester. The Blue House in east London has been described as ‘the most memorable new house in London’ since the 1980s.

Upcoming projects include the CIAC (an 80 apartment building in Middlesborough), two new libraries in South London and Bentley and a social housing scheme in Sheffield.

Charles Holland runs a diploma studio at CSA.