AKT II Engineers
Creative Residency 29th Sept - 3rd Oct 2014

In collaboration with Hanif Kara, Jeroen Janssen and Adiam Sertzu of AKT II Engineers, students from the School and wider UCA Canterbury campus will be participants in the construction of a full scale pavilion on the lawn outside CSA during the week beginning 29th September 2014.

As part of this extended workshop students will competitively prepare design proposals for the assembly of a series of geometric building blocks into a novel structure.These will be reviewed and critiqued and a final proposal selected. Subsequently students will work with other members of the architecture department and the wider university to construct this proposal by the workshop finale on Friday 3rd October at 3pm.

All welcome to drop by throughout the week and join our crit panel of Hanif, Jeroen, Adiam, Sam McElhinney, Dave Di Duca, Allan Atlee & Will Alsop on Friday 3rd October. Refreshments and conversation 3-6pm

module preparation